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Welcome to the Protest Party!

I met Tronkes de Felipa through my 'DJs en Femeni' course in 2020.
As female Pds, Tronkes have a very clear message as it pertains to parties and music, I was instantly drawn to their cause and activism.

They primarily claim visibility and are opposed to the heteronormativity that our society strictly imposes.
To them, it is important to feel represented by songs and parties that are not sexist and/or violent. For this reason, they have decided to create a safe space that represents queer ladies and showcases many new and talented female artists. By introducing us to new artists and songs we have yet to hear, they contribute to creating an atmosphere with a delicious mix of activism and great music!

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Djs En Femeni

First workshop of: "Djs en Femini" conducted by Rosa Amuedo, creator of Dj kids (PDjK), Barcelona 2020.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the first workshop of "Djs en Femini", created by Rosa Amuedo "AKA Rosita Rip".

Since 2010, Rosa has been training young DJs through her workshops in schools, institutes and civic centres all over Barcelona.

Through all of these projects, she has become a true pioneer in DJ training and education. Rosa is currently working with women and young girls who are interested in learning how to DJ, produce, prepare sets and mix BPM.

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Conference "Nurses and transgender people" March 4, 2020 Barcelona

On March 4, 2020, the Catalan Association of Body Image and Dermostètica de Diplomados en Enfermería (ACICDDI) held its second annual conference at the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona (COIB). This year, the conference was entitled: "Nurses and Transgender people"

The agenda included seventeen speakers from a variety of different disciplines including nursing, surgical medicine, psychology and anthropology. Many of these experts gave amazingly informative presentations relating to cisgender and transgender health and needs.
I was asked to work on visuals and make a short video of the entire experience.

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Promo WEB services in Barcelona

"Web a medida"; was created to effectively boost our website and to showcase the services our agency had to offer.

In the era of internet videos, we thought of a "Pret-a-porter" video approach. We wanted to let know our customers know that the quick creation of a website it's possible; beginning with just a simple idea.

And that within a small timeframe, we could have a working page ready
to go.

Promo Video for Bastet


Skincare, natural oils and organic soaps.

Bastet Barcelona’s promotional clip was based on an original idea from the owner and creator of the brand.

Bastet is a vegan skincare brand that specializes in cold-process soaps and essential oil fragrances, using only natural and sustainable ingredients for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

The interesting thing for me about these products is the healing properties and therapeutic benefits found in the oils. This, combined with the artisanal handmade element, makes Bastet Barcelona a beautiful addition to the world of skincare and natural healing.

Charity Video

Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus

Travel and Arts

During my sabbatical year, I visited The Kindom of Cambodia; a country in Southeast Asia with one of the most beautiful wonders of the ancient war: Angkor Wat. After my stop at this magical monument, I decided to visit a friend who was living in Battambang; the third biggest city in the country.

I immersed myself in the contemporaneous culture life. This is something I always try to do when visiting new places. During my adventures, I came across a local circus; highly recommended entertainment if you ever visit Battambang by the way. As we know from history, Cambodia had one of the evilest regimes in history and, despite the poverty and difficult leadership, people are continuously rebuilding their culture and life.
Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus is a non- profit school doing exactly that: Helping kids in a country where the artistic culture was destroyed through years of conflict.

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A year around the world


I feel grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to live out one of the best experiences of my life: my Sabbatical year.

During this adventure, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an Organic Farm in Japan.
I did a 10-day silent retreat, better known as "Vipassana" in the amazing mountains of Kathmandu, also volunteered at an organization called "God Love, We Deliver"; It is a non-profit organization in New York City who cooks and delivers healthy meals to people who are too sick to cook and shop for themselves.

The benefits of a sabbatical year are infinite, and I truly encourage you to start planning one; I did not only return rejuvenated… I decided to reinvent myself and start a new and fresh career.

Food Porn

Pad Thai


I am a big foodie who loves to discover new and exciting dishes. Pad Thai is a very popular dish, in and outside of Thailand, and is apparently of Chinese origin.

We "farang"(foreigners) love this rice noodle dish! One evening, while passing through a quiet market in Bangkok, I came across this wonderful street food stand.
I was so surprised by the long queue and the fast-serving protocol that I decided to stop and try.
It was the quickest, most delicious and cheapest Pad Thai I have ever tried in my life!

Dreamy Myanmar

Lost in time

Travel, Video poetry

The purpose of leaving
Like any other purpose
Is to defeat the moments
That has been created in this universe
"La Partida"
Is disconnecting from the reality We happen to be living in that moment.
I'm going now to another world
Feeling that I must control my actions and my tears.
The emblematic source of affection
Stays in the same place immobile
While I'm moving forward.

Pilot Program

Happy but not famous!


Back in 2004, I had the opportunity to pitch a pilot program for Venezuelan television. I directed "Happy but not Famous", a program dedicated to Venezuelans that were making breakthroughs in different parts of the world, however, were not receiving the recognition or “fame” that perhaps they deserved.

We highlighted people that were doing amazing things in areas such as science and fashion as well as in the music scene. We made the demo and a 20-minute pilot under ‘Visual Dreams’, a production company I was a part of at the time. A Venezuelan broadcasting channel, ‘Televen’, showed interest in the program but unfortunately, we could not agree on a budget and other logistical issues and therefore, could not take the project to fruition.

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Afroamerican Project


Afro-American project is led by the master percussionist Wilmer Sifontes, a super talented musician that has established himself in the London music circuit.

He created his Afroamerican Project, which reveals the rich African and Caribbean music legacy in the country. I personally had known Wilmer for years. On one evening, I was taking pictures at one of his concerts and he asked me to record the band and conduct an on-the-spot interview with them.

All of this takes place that day when they were playing at the famous ‘Hootannany’ in Brixton.