Storytelling V Scriptwriting

Once upon a time...

Last year, I submitted an extract of my script to the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Competition in London. The whole experience was very positive. I find it can be quite difficult, yet exciting, unfolding a story and characters through the creative process. I am consistently developing my voice and continue to write stories.

By exercising the writing muscle, I realized that despite having millions of writing ideas in my head, that these two mediums (Storytelling and Scriptwriting) are very different from each other: Storytelling is an extremely useful tool in enhancing the relationship with stakeholders and the team.

Making things happening requires strong communication, leadership and experience. In the digital era, content in king!

Scriptwriting, on the other hand, is a compelling narrative art form for mass media such as: Television, film and video games. Developing stories, plots, dialogue and characters in people’s minds is not an easy task.

Connecting people and ideas creates an emotional bond that is important both for the brand and for the business. Same goes for films and other mass media channels. If the story sticks, people will remember.

That’s why this competence is key for Project managers; everybody loves a good story, we just need to find the correct voice to help our audience to see and connect with the picture we are showing them.