Project Manager: a journey

"Always the journey, never the destination"

Simon Rattle

My life as a Project Manager started began early on, although I have only been working professionally at it since 2016.

I have always loved working in a team. When you make videos, for example, you are always depending on others to produce the final image and the best scenes. When in playout, you are consistently working with many different people, who are assisting in different stages of the process. The final output is a massive work collaboration between many departments. This is true for most company environments. You are working with a team to reach a goal and get things completed properly and efficiently.

After many years working 24/7, both days and nights (yes that's the TV world) and taking a sabbatical, I needed to shift careers. The digital world has taken over, and technology is changing minute by minute. Nowadays, flexibility is key when it comes to new ways of working.

I re-trained myself and jumped on every opportunity to soak up knowledge and learn. Through this, I realized that I am someone who appreciates diversity and communication, loves to work on different projects and that I have a knack for quick problem-solving. It was a no-brainer for me…it was time to change careers and become a Digital Project Manager.

Doing what you love, combined with a strong work ethic and technical expertise can only lead to success!

Bhaktapur, Nepal
Bagan, Myanmar
Varanasi, India