Profesional Videos and Photos

Lights, camera, ACTION:

I arrived in London in the winter of 1998. For me, this newly adopted city was strange, cold and fast-paced. Many things called me there. One of them was my dream of Filmmaking.

Soon after I was settled in, I went to sign up at my nearest library in High Street Kensington (this is what you used to do in those days). I used to go there because apart from the great selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s (the Internet was not that big yet!), they had a conversational English- Spanish group.

It was there where I found information about a lot of colleges in the area. I immediately applied for a course that I like and was invited in for an interview.

Bruce Millard was an ex BBC director, that in his retirement, chose to teach Broadcast and video techniques to young people in the Kensington borough. Ladbroke groove was not as trendy and beautiful as it is now, but it was charming nevertheless.

Bruce was quite intimidating at first; he really wanted to find out how committed and passionate I was about learning. I managed to pass the interview and therefore secured a spot!

I could talk days about my experiences there. I made a few shorts, participated in the Portobello Film Festival and collaborated with both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

I also worked for the James Bond franchise and freelanced as a camera operator, sound recordist, producer, location manager, etc.

This entire story is simply to let you know that I can make videos for you!

Keystone, old camera
Bhaktapur, Nepal
Buddhist boy, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia