Digital Producer in the social media era

Lights, camera, ACTION:

A digital producer is a coordinator, supervisor, and strategist for projects involving the creation of any digital media. But this role has changed; adapting itself to the times.

Throughout my career, I have somehow always been in some way involved in the production. My first job when I was at University, was at a Radio station. I covered a maternity leave for: "Union Radio" and became a producer for the morning and afternoon news. After six months, I was promoted to work as an assistant producer for the program: "AQUI ESTA PASANDO ALGO". This program was challenging because it was on air every day. This entailed having to create different topics daily, with specialists and guests. Everyone who has worked in production knows how crazy everyday live programs can be.

During this time, I wanted to explore other mediums. So, I became an assistant producer for one of the most famous theatre companies in Venezuela: "Fundacion Rajatabla", It was there when I fell in love with theatre and playwriting. I was in direct contact with a group of very talented artists and directors.
After theatre and further down in my career, I worked for a program called ‘Caracas te Quiero’.

This program aimed to culturally enrich people from shanty towns of the city with first-class concerts, events and plays that were typically not accessible due to the high cost of the productions.

Most of these events demanded a lot of my time and at the time it was challenging. I was the only woman in, what was at that time, a sector full of men.
Additionally, I oversaw the entire program: From Monday to Friday we worked on the pre-production of the events, and it required being present when the events were taking place; every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For three years of my life, I didn't know the meaning of free weekends.

Then, I moved to England!

Again, production was a huge part of my working experience. After acquiring a diploma in Media Techniques, I worked as a Runner for the James Bond Franchise: "Die Another Day" during my time and as an Assistant Producer for: "Radical Media" in Soho".

After all these experiences, the digital revolution began. In the year 2000, cell phones and text messages became a cultural phenomenon; changing the way we communicated with each other.

It was imminent that the role of Producer needed to evolve with time. Nowadays, this role tends to change based on the nature of any project. Depending on the environment, it can be recognized by different titles such: web producer, multimedia producer, Junior producer even a digital project manager!

Throughout time, the responsibilities have remained somewhat the same: Coordinating the work of a team and building products, events, media, etc that will satisfy the clients’ needs.